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Want to Make Your Wedding More Unique? Add an Animal Encounter!

Have you been dreaming of having a wedding in a tropical location with friendly and quirky animals? An oceanside ceremony with monkeys and macaws looking on as you stand in the sand and say “I do?”

While it’s difficult to predict whether the local wildlife will accept your invitation, it is possible to plan a destination wedding with an animal encounter through Adventure Weddings at Las Caletas. Our unforgettable furry and feathered friends can be part of your day to make it that much more special.

Joyful Animal Encounters for your Wedding Day

If you are one of those couples who love animals, it probably has crossed your minds how amazing it would be to reflect that passion on your wedding day.

Depending on the animal you choose to include in your wedding, you will need to consider their role in the ceremony, how you might include them in photos, and who is responsible for handling them and caring for them throughout the day. As Adventure Weddings at Las Caletas, we handle those details for you to make sure you and our wonderful animals have a wonderful experience from start to finish.

Meet Our Lovely Animals

Las Caletas is a private beach located near Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, accessible only by boat. Once you reach land, you’ll find yourself surrounded by nothing but the ocean and lush jungle vegetation. Enjoy a guided nature walk, where you’re likely to encounter macaws, squirrel monkeys, flamingos, and sea lions. Don’t forget your camera on this one-of-a-kind adventure.

While seeing these creatures in the wild is one thing, including them in your wedding is a magical experience you, and your wedding guests won’t soon forget. If you choose a wedding at Las Caletas we have a host of furry (and feathered) friends waiting for you to meet and hear their stories. At Adventure Weddings, we care about giving you the wedding experience of your dreams, but we also care about our animal friends and want you to love them too!

Here’s a quick intro to each of our wonderful animals you can include on your wedding day.

1. Donkey

If you’ve ever considered having a sweet donkey as part of your wedding, you’ll love Chavita. Chavita is a very friendly donkey who loves the beach, sunbathing, and yummy treats. He is always happy to meet new people and get a good scratch. While Chavita is too small to be ridden, he loves being the center of attention and is the perfect animal to include in your wedding photos.

Donkey Animal Encounter at Wedding

2. Macaws

A special way to have an animal wedding is with our beautiful Macaws. Not only are they lovely, majestic birds, our Macaws are also part of our Conservation Program. We’re committed to helping these beautiful animals thrive. Over the course of our Macaw conservation efforts, more than 70 macaws have been born thanks to our Breeding Program at Las Caletas. Our macaws aren’t kept inside, they fly freely while we provide them shelter and food they need to stay safe.

Macaw Ring Bearer for Mexico Destination Wedding

Some of our sweetest macaws born at Las Caletas are Ziggy and Marly. Both shamrock macaws, they have beautiful green, blue, orange, yellow, and red feathers and love the attention their caretaker Erandi shows them. They enjoy getting belly rubs and flying freely. Come meet Ziggy and Marly and include a macaw ring bearer in your wedding ceremony.

Macaw Ring Bearer for Destination Wedding

3. Dolphins

Our family of Bottlenose Dolphins with their incredible jumps and agility are a good way to add a magical feel to your wedding photos or to create an amazing trash-the-dress photo shoot. We can assure you, the experience will not only be one to remember for the rest of your life, but also one you’ll look back on as newlyweds.

Dolphins at Destination Wedding

4. Flamingos

Another beautiful bird to include in your animal wedding are flamingos. Local to the area, these beautiful birds are picturesque and a lovely way to capture the tropical spirit of your destination wedding in your photos.

Flamingos at Destination Wedding

5. Sea Lions

Another lovely marine mammal to invite to your wedding are our friendly sea lions. They can meet you right at the beach, after the ceremony, and offer a great dose of fun selfie-time for you and your guests.

Sea Lion Encounter at Mexico Wedding

How Can You Create A Magical Wedding Experience with Animals?

At Adventure Weddings in Las Caletas there are a couple of ways you can choose to include our wonderful animal friends in your wedding.

  1. You can include them in wedding day photos.
  2. You can surprise your family and friends with our animal friends during your wedding ceremony.

Whether you choose to include animals in your wedding ceremony or just in photos (or both!) you can rest assured that they will bring a calming and joyful presence to your destination wedding. We can’t wait for you to meet your new furry and feathered friends at your wedding.

Adventure Weddings

Contact Adventure Weddings to learn more about how you can book an animal encounter at Las Caletas or include animals in wedding plans for your dream destination wedding. For more ideas, we have created a specific Pinterest board about Wedding Photos with Animals. Follow Adventure Weddings on Pinterest for more inspiration.

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