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Top Wedding Bouquet Ideas

A wedding without flowers is almost like a buffet without silverware. Flowers help set the tone and mood of your entire wedding and can make the difference between a sleek and modern style or an elegant and classic feel. And, of course, the most important flowers for the wedding—the bride’s wedding bouquet.

Whether you are getting married on the beach in a destination wedding, having a large formal event, or doing an intimate gathering of a handful of close family and friends, all eyes are on the bride. While the wedding dress is a top priority, the wedding bouquet is equally important to consider.

Choosing Colors

A great place to start is with color! Are you looking for wedding bouquet ideas that are bright and bold or soft and delicate? Once you know colors, narrowing down which flowers you love most becomes a whole lot easier.


Current color trends include greens paired with off-white shades—lovely for an intimate beach wedding. Corals, pinks, and ivories add the perfect pop of color for summer weddings. Lush foliage and an arrangement of bright tropical-colored flowers are perfect for any destination wedding.

There are so many types and colors of flowers to consider before you tie the knot. To make things easier when it comes to decision-making time, check out the following flower options for wedding bouquet ideas below!

Calla Lily Wedding Bouquet

A calla lily wedding bouquet is a great alternative and modern option from the traditional choices. The ivory white petals are the perfect accent for a traditional themed wedding, but calla lilies can also come in a rainbow of colors. With a few select splashes of color in your bouquet, you can change your bouquet to fit your style and color scheme for your wedding.

The calla lily is a strong and beautiful flower that can work well on its own, or in a large bouquet. It will match both modern and classical weddings, but will also fit in well with a rustic or even an art deco wedding. You can have an entire bouquet of calla lilies or mix them with other flowers to add extra style and flair to your bouquet.

Peony Wedding Bouquet

Traditionally, peonies represent a happy life, good health, prosperity, and a happy marriage, which alone should make them an option to consider for your bouquet. Not only do they represent many of the things you should want on the day that you’re getting married—and in a marriage—they’re also a fragrant and beautiful flower.

Bouquet on a hammock

Peony blooms can sometimes be temperamental and difficult for a florist to work with, but their large size and bright colors immediately draw in the eye. They complement roses, which can look like a miniature peony at times, making a lovely wedding bouquet combination. The sizes and colors can vary with peonies as well. You can get bold and dark saturated pinks and purples, but there are also pastels that only show hints of colors.

Succulent Wedding Bouquet

Succulents are not traditional wedding flowers, as they’re not even flowers, but they can provide an extra splash of color and texture to your bouquet. As part of your bouquet, you can choose to include a few small succulents to break up the overall look and style, or depending on the theme of your wedding, you could choose to go with an entire succulent wedding bouquet.

Succulent Bouquet

Succulents are a favorite to use by many florists because they are durable, low maintenance, and bring unique color and texture to any bouquet. Succulents always make a statement and grab the attention of your guests no matter what flowers you pair them with or the shape or style of the bouquet.

Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet

Most wedding bouquets go with traditional classics like roses or peonies so the hydrangea is often overlooked. Despite their history, they can be full and lush enough to make up your entire bouquet. Because the flowers already have a slight dome and curve to it, hydrangea wedding bouquets are typically round in style.

Hydrangea Wedding Bouquet

Hydrangea blooms come in a wide variety of colors. Most often they are white or pastel and muted blue, green, or pink colors. Some hydrangeas do come in very strong magentas, pinks, and purples.

Sunflower Wedding Bouquet

Your bouquet doesn’t have to be dull, muted, or boring if you’re not! For an extra added splash of color and punch to your bouquet, you should consider having a sunflower wedding bouquet. When most people hear this, they think of the giant sunflowers that are bigger than a dinner plate. Those are not the sunflowers that would be used as part of a bouquet. Instead, smaller flowers about the size of your palm, or smaller, can add bright sparks of color to your bouquet.

Sunflower Bouquet

How Much Does a Wedding Bouquet Cost?

If you’re wondering how much a wedding bouquet costs, it depends on your overall budget and plans for your wedding. The average cost for your entire flower budget should be about 8-10% of your overall budget. You can expect that the bride’s wedding bouquet alone will cost anywhere from $150 to $350.

Wedding Bouquet

On the most important day of your life, you should be thinking about the person of your dreams, not the flowers. Our in-house florist at Adventure Weddings can help you create the perfect wedding bouquet for your destination wedding. Check out some of our past beautiful flower arrangements to get more inspiration for your big day and let us take care of the stress so you can make memories that will last a lifetime.

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