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Sustainability and Conservation: Responsible Tourism for Your Eco-Friendly Wedding

Sustainability & Conservation

At Adventure Weddings, sustainability, conservation, and support to neighboring communities are some of our highest priorities. We integrate these values into all we do and strive to raise awareness and implement positive change.

With our program, Inspiring Change, we are proud to be one of the leading companies in social and environmental responsibility in Mexico. We have been privileged to be a part of many wonderful projects and look forward to many more.

When you choose Adventure Weddings, you also become part of these valuable efforts. Learn more about how you can inspire change, and check out some of our exciting efforts below!

We’re Committed and It Shows

We have proudly reduced 90% of disposable plastic in our entire operation.
If you want to join this effort, just let your Wedding Coordinator know so she can replace plastic water bottles for purified water dispensers at your wedding.

Water Dispensers for Destination Wedding

  • We protect and guard 480+ hectares of tropical forest around our beach wedding venues.
  • 15,750+ endemic trees have been planted through our Reforestation Program.
  • 2,000+ coconut palm tree seeds have been planted by our guests at Las Caletas and Majahuitas.

Las Caletas Sustainable Wedding Venue

  • We have led 65+ beach, river, sea, and underwater cleanups, donating more than 4,000 hours of volunteer work.
  • 70+ macaws have been born thanks to our Breeding Program at Las Caletas where they fly freely while we provide shelter and food.

Macaw at Las Caletas

  • 23 dolphins and sea lions have been rescued, rehabilitated and released in a joint effort with local authorities.
  • 10 whales and other marine mammals have been disentangled and released with the help of our marine biologists.

Responsibel Whale Watching

  • 30+ small family businesses in remote communities benefit from the economic spillover generated by the tourism we bring them.
  • For the past seven years, we have rewarded the academic excellence of our employees’ children by granting scholarships and donating school supplies.
  • 3,000+ children of local communities have enjoyed whale watching experiences on complimentary tours, receiving environmental education at the same time.

Responsible Tourism

What is Responsible Tourism?

You may have heard the terms “responsible tourism” and “sustainable tourism” when planning for a vacation, but many people still lack a basic understanding of what these words truly mean, as well as how to bring them into action. Check out how you can practice sustainable tourism when you travel, and how to plan an eco wedding that supports local communities.

Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable tourism is focused on the resources of the destination you visit. This pertains to environmental, economic, and cultural resources, and centers around preserving these resources for as long as possible.

When sustainability is the focus, the natural landscape remains undamaged for the enjoyment of generations to come. The culture and traditions remain a prominent part of present-day living, rather than a memory or a history lesson. And people from various backgrounds learn from one another, forge bonds, and improve communication and understanding.

Responsible Tourism

Responsible tourism is the other side of the coin. Once you understand sustainable tourism, you understand that each of us has a responsibility to support and engage in this type of travel. We have a responsibility to reach out and to work together to maintain an environment where everyone benefits.

When you visit a foreign country, do you take the time to learn about the culture, participate in traditions, purchase from local merchants, or look for products made from sustainable materials?

Many vacations involve staying at a resort, or boarding a cruise ship. Responsible tourism means supporting local businesses and putting our resources back into the community as much as possible. It also means buying from companies that manufacture their products in a way that is beneficial to the environment and kind to its employees.

And finally, responsible tourism is following the golden rule of exploring: Leave every space better than you found it. This could mean picking up and properly disposing of trash, wearing only eco-friendly skin care products, or helping a community rebuild after a natural disaster because tourism is about so much more than photo opportunities and souvenirs.

Why Choose Responsible Tourism?

When we choose responsible tourism, we choose a way of traveling that allows us to be immersed in someone else’s core values for a while and to see life from their perspective. It provides us opportunities to help communities and ecosystems thrive, and to bridge the gap between our way of life and theirs. We choose to interact in an authentic and empathetic way with those who seem to have a different way of life than we do. What we inevitably discover, however, is that we are all very similar.

Adventure Weddings puts this idea at the forefront of everything we do. We want you to have an authentic cultural experience without sacrificing the wedding of your dreams.

Plan Your Eco-Friendly Wedding with Us

Adventure Weddings has a strong commitment to sustainable tourism and thrives on designing elegant and unforgettable eco-friendly weddings. In fact, a destination wedding is the perfect way to get a stunning backdrop and a romantic atmosphere without interfering with any natural resources.

Imagine standing under the stars with your toes in the sand, the gentle lapping of the ocean waves creating a soothing rhythm, a light breeze that smells like tropical flowers, and the person you want to spend the rest of your life with right beside you.

Now imagine that you have an incredible wedding planner who took care of all the details, including setup and cleanup, delicious food, beautiful table settings, and an amazing photographer, all while keeping everything eco-friendly and supporting local communities.

Finally, wrap it all up with a honeymoon full of exciting adventure tours, romantic boat rides, and interactive wildlife experiences. You can have it all with Adventure Weddings.

Adventure Weddings

Adventure Weddings is part of The Adventures Group, the largest company in Mexico and the Caribbean, focused on tours and experiences, destination weddings and professional photography.

Contact us to start planning your destination wedding today, or for more information about how we contribute to sustainable tourism.



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