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Top Questions to Ask Your Destination Wedding Venue

The destination wedding of your dream is just around the corner. You’ve already answered the biggest question of your life – saying yes to the person you love. Now you’re starting to think of questions to ask your destination wedding venue that will make your day special and uniquely yours. Professional wedding planners are available to make sure nothing is overlooked.

It’s important to ask wedding planning questions to ensure that the venue you select matches the vision you have for your special day. Aesthetics is an important element but there are many other intricate details that go into your wedding day. You’ll want to ask these destination wedding questions in preparation for your special day.

How many guests can the venue accommodate?

Destination wedding ceremony set-up

The first destination wedding question to ask is the size of venues available for your special day. You want to be able to invite everyone you’d like to celebrate your love with. Make sure that the wedding venue you choose can accommodate your guests. Destination wedding packages can range from 15 to 120 guests. What’s great is that wedding coordinators can easily answer these questions and you can quickly find a venue that is perfect for your special day and can accommodate your guests.

What Decorations Does the Venue Provide?

Wedding decor at a destination wedding

The decoration at a venue plays an important part. It can help set the tone of your wedding or can express both of your personalities. When planning a destination wedding you don’t want to have to pack extra décor in your luggage. Ask the venue if they provide decorations and if so, ask to see examples of previously decorated spaces so that you can decide what suits you. Your wedding coordinator can help elevate your ceremony and reception with decorations for your destination wedding.

Does the Venue Have Catering and Food Options?

Wedding cake provided by destination wedding venue

Some many details go into planning a wedding that sometimes the basic elements, like food, get overlooked. What options are available for catering or food are questions to ask your destination wedding venue. Discover what options are available and if they can offer items for people with dietary restrictions.

You’ll also want to know the options that are available for your wedding cake. Wedding cakes have transformed from a simple dessert to a way to express yourselves or the mood of your wedding. Custom wedding cakes allow you to create something unique that represents you. Find out what options are available through your venue.

Does the Venue Have a Photographer or Can They Recommend One?

bride and groom with their wedding party at their destination wedding

When your wedding day has ended, you will want to relive the memories of that day over and over. That’s why it’s important to ask your venue about photography. Photographers play an important part in your wedding – they capture your memories. Ask the venue if they have a photographer onsite or have vendors that they recommend. Don’t be afraid to ask for examples of other destination weddings they’ve photographed before you commit to a photographer. Investing in a wedding photographer will make all the difference on your special day.

Is There Space Designated for a Reception?

reception area at a destination wedding venue

The celebration after the ceremony is where the fun begins. Make sure your venue has the space you need for your reception. Maybe you are looking to dance the night away and need a space with a large dance floor. Perhaps you want an intimate dinner with your loved ones. When you decide what type of reception you want, you can ask these wedding planning questions.

Plan Your Dream Wedding with Adventure Weddings

bride and groom together at their destination wedding venue
Planning a destination wedding consists of many intricate details. It can be overwhelming to start but when you partner with Adventure Weddings it is a breeze. When you ask questions about your destination wedding it helps you discover what you consider to be a priority on your special day, what are frills, and what are your must-haves. We can answer all your destination wedding questions and work with you to plan your perfect wedding. Let us be part of your wedding day and learn how we can take the stress away from planning a destination wedding.

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