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Check Out These Pantone 2020 Wedding Color Scheme Ideas

Choosing a wedding color palette is one of the most important (and most fun) parts of planning your wedding. The wedding color schemes you choose will be weaved into everything from the decor to bridesmaids dresses and flowers. Once you have narrowed it down, you will be able to build quickly on this foundation by coordinating all the elements of your perfect wedding into one central theme.

Check out the list below to find out which summer wedding colors you’ll be seeing the most of during 2020. Plus, get ideas for your own beach-friendly or outdoor-inspired wedding color schemes.

Pantone Color 2020: Classic Blue

Pantone Color

When it comes to color, Pantone is king. Each year they choose a color that inspires endless trends, including wedding color schemes. The Pantone wedding colors this year will be centered around Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue.

Pantone color reasons

Pantone chose this color because it symbolizes trust, stability, and peace, and because of its timeless elegance—all of which make it perfect for a wedding.

To use classic blue in your wedding color palette, try pairing it with accents of tangerine, yellow, or mint. It also looks beautiful with both gold and silver.

Trending Colors for Weddings In 2020

Color trends of 2020

In addition to classic blue, there are plenty of gorgeous color combinations you’ll be seeing a lot of this year. Check out some of the most popular 2020 wedding colors for summer below.


Cantaloupe color flower

Cantaloupe is a softer alternative to traditional orange and the recently trending rose gold, and brings with it a unique uplifting energy. It is subtle enough to highlight the femininity of the bride without being too “girly” for the groom, complements virtually any skin tone, and looks great with numerous summer wedding colors. 

Imagine cantaloupe-clad bridesmaids standing on a sandy beach with the ocean and tropical rainforest as the backdrop to your wedding party. Add a touch of cornflower blue, sage, brown, or merlot to complete the look.


Mint Colored macaroons

Mint brings in elements of nature and harmony, making it complementary to any environment. It pairs nicely with navy, pale peach, eggshell or ivory, and darker shades like hunter green and forest green. All greens look elegant with accents of gold.


Casis colored flowers

Cassis is bolder and brighter than mint or cantaloupe, but still light and elegant. It’s the perfect blend of pink and purple, creating a hue that is somehow youthful and energetic while remaining sophisticated and glamorous. Plus, it looks stunning against a green garden backdrop or tropical beach scene. Combine it with periwinkle, cream, lilac, or a pale, but vibrant yellow.

Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow colored cookies

Mellow yellow is a favorite among millennials, which is why 2020 wedding colors will highlight the rebirth of this pale and pure yellow. Not to be confused with mustard yellow or pastel yellow, this rejuvenating hue is similar to the streaks you might find in a sunset. Yellow naturally draws the eye and emanates feelings of positivity, as well as encourages creativity and mental clarity.

Mellow yellow looks great with navy, classic blue, cream, cassis, pine green, and reds and oranges that also appear in the sky when the sun goes down. However, try not to overpower it with too much of the darker shades.

Purist Blue

surfer relaxing on beautiful water

Softer than Pantone’s Color of the Year, classic blue, purist blue is the color you think of when you picture the Caribbean ocean, just a bit grayish. It is just shy of becoming turquoise, exuding depth, peace, and optimism. Its universal appeal allows it to work well for any age or gender and its tropical undertones make it the perfect color for a destination wedding on the beach. Coordinate purist blue with soft oranges and pinks like cantaloupe and peach. It also pairs beautifully with navy, light shades of yellow, and gold.

How to Use Pantone’s 2020 Wedding Colors with Your Favorites

Bride holding bouquet behind back

If your favorite color wasn’t mentioned above and you’re dying to use it in your wedding, no problem! Chances are one of these colors looks great with the one you have in mind. For example, if you love red, but are set on a summer wedding, sprinkle it in with some mellow yellow, cantaloupe, and cream for a warm wedding color palette that is strong, but not overpowering. 

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