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Mexican Wedding Ideas

Incorporating special traditions and culture is a great way to entertain and connect with your guests and loved ones. Whether you are of Mexican heritage or are planning a destination wedding in Mexico, the following Mexican wedding ideas are great options to weave into your big day.

Mexican Wedding Decorations

There are several Mexican wedding decorations you can incorporate to give your ceremony and/or reception the beauty and style it needs to craft a fun and memorable day.

Colorful Maracas

Colorful Maracas for Mexico Wedding

Colorful maracas not only provide a nice color pop to your venue, but they are a fun tool to implement music into your ceremony. Consider placing a maraca on each seat for the ceremony. Once you say yes, you can walk back down the aisle with all your loved ones cheering you on and shaking their maracas!

Papel Picado

Papel Picado for Mexico Wedding

No matter what kind of atmosphere you are going for, papel picado is a great option to add lovely decorations to your wedding. Considered Mexican folk art, these are finely crafted tissue paper with elaborate designs chiseled into them. They come in various colors, so you can choose the one that best blends in with your location and personality. Papel picado is a great decoration to hang up outside during the day and in the evening with some twinkle lights.

Flower Centerpieces with Mexican details

Flower Centerpieces with Mexico Details

A great way to decorate your reception tables is by putting together vibrant flowers as centerpieces. Moreover, you can put table numbers on Mexican tiles or papel picado to give your table decorations some edge. The beautiful blend of colors will sprinkle a vivacious atmosphere on your special day.


Piñatas for Mexico Wedding

Piñatas are delightful pieces to toss and smash with your loved one. Not only is smashing a piñata a great alternative to the cake cutting tradition, but it’s also a great way to finally get all of that wedding planning stress out! You can fill them up with entertaining items such as candy, small liquor bottles, personalized pins, and LED sunglasses your guests can enjoy and take home.

Mexican Props & Photo Booth

Mexican Props & Photo Booth for Destination Wedding

Every wedding should have fun props and a photo booth. Photo booths (o Polaroid cameras) provide a great opportunity to make lasting memories at your wedding.

Offer guests props such as sombreros and shawls to incorporate some fun Mexican wedding ideas. There are also fiesta photo stick props you can use. Moreover, add a nice backdrop in the booth such as colorful sheets and flowers and papel picado. Having a vibrant photo booth will surely attract your guests and provide an entertaining place to bond with friends and family.

Tequila Shots

Tequila Shots for Mexico Wedding

There’s no wedding celebration without some drinks. Tequila shots are a perfect component to your big day. Not only do they mesh well with the Mexican theme, but they give your guests a nice boost to get in the celebratory spirit and have a great time.

A good idea is providing guests with their table numbers on shots to help them get ready for the events ahead. It’s the perfect time to give them a bit of liquid courage to continue with the celebrations, meet people, and get their dancing on.


Mariachi Band for Mexico Wedding

What is a Mexican-themed wedding without a Mariachi band? Having live Mariachi music is entertaining and fun and will keep the Mexican wedding traditions afloat. It will get your guests on their feet and help honor your heritage and/or the destination of your wedding. You might even want to consider keeping the Mariachi band a secret and surprising your guests during the reception.

Candy Bar with Mexican Traditional Candy

Candy Bar with Mexican Traditional Candy

A candy bar shouldn’t be confined to children’s birthday parties. Having a Mexican-themed candy bar at your wedding will definitely illuminate the party spirit among both children and adults. Not only will this provide sweet treats for your guests, but an exciting opportunity to try some new ones!

There are a plethora of wonderful candies you can offer such as Rellerindos, Vero Mangos, and Pulparindos. They all have a spicy and sweet flavor. And if you want to provide something warm for your guests at night, toasty churros are a great option.

Mexican-Themed Cake

Mexican-Themed Cake

You can’t forget the cake! A central piece during the reception, having a Mexican-themed wedding cake will be the cherry on top. These treats should be fun and creative with vibrant colors and flowers.

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