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Advantages of a Destination Wedding

Bride and Groom at Beach Destination Wedding


Incorporate travel, tan lines, tasty cuisine and so much more by taking advantage of the benefits of hosting a destination wedding. Discover why brides and grooms, of every age group, are looking south to celebrate their wedding in the sun.

Planning where to host your wedding can be one of the hardest choices you have to make, following your love-filled engagement. Some people feel intimidated by the thought of a destination wedding, but the more you know about this affordable and highly enjoyable option, the more you’ll see why savvy wedding planners pick a tropical venue for their special day.

Keep it simple and less stressful

When you choose to have a destination wedding, you open the door to a simpler planning and coordination experience. Destination weddings, especially with seasoned professionals – such as Adventure Weddings – will be able to offer packages that include everything from planning support through to food, beverages and venue.

Instead of painstakingly picking everything yourself, you will have the huge benefit of an onsite wedding planner who will ensure your ceremony and reception are well planned, well timed and well executed. All you have to do is show up, feel gorgeous and get ready for the ultimate luxury party.

An intimate guest list with your nearest and dearest

Guests at Destination Wedding


The people who will always be there to love and support your partner won’t hesitate to hop on a plane to be part of your special day. However, those guests who you may be on the fence about (we’re looking at you – cousin, twice removed), won’t feel offended if they are left off your highly intimate guest list. 

One of the biggest advantages of planning a destination wedding is the freedom to design your dream guest list – full of the people you love, without the fluff of fair-weather friends or long lost family.  

No need to travel to a honeymoon destination – you’re already there

Another huge benefit of travelling to a gorgeous tropical destination for your wedding is that you are already at the honeymoon spot. There’s no plane rides required after a long night of dancing and speeches. Instead, you and your new spouse get to wake up just steps from a beautiful beach and continue on with the sea, sand and celebratory cocktails. 


Honeymoon after Destination Wedding

Extend the enjoyment of your wedding

In keeping with there being no need to relocate for your honeymoon after hosting your destination wedding, another great part of planning your romantic fiesta in Mexico is that all your wedding bliss is not reserved to one or two nights.

Instead of simply having a rehearsal dinner and wedding reception, you will get to spend time with your friends and family for several days leading up to and after the big affair. This is especially awesome when some of your guests want to get to know each other better, so instead of shaking hands on your special day, it will be lifelong memories made with people who are thrilled to be part of your group vacations.


Dining at a Destination Wedding

With or without extensive decorations, the setting will stun your guests

Instead of a fake flower wall or bubbling fountain, imagine your ceremony, reception and photographs being cloaked in lush greenery, gorgeous blooms and the unforgettable sound of crashing waves and local musicians. 

People travel to Mexico from all over the world to enjoy our exotic scenery and stick their toes in the crystalline sand. When your wedding venue is naturally stunning, you don’t have to worry about constructing various Pinterest-inspired decorations or praying for a picture perfect sunset. Instead, you can rely on our beaches to create a backdrop your guests will never forget – without any fuss!


Destination Ceremony Setup

Spend your money in creative ways with all-inclusive options

Adventure Weddings loves to make our upscale venues and endless wedding options as accessible as possible, which means we carefully curate wedding packages that are affordable yet don’t skimp on taste or tropical luxury. Our all-inclusive packages help you budget for travel, food, cocktails and the perfect venue without breaking the bank.

By keeping your wedding intimate and leveraging our onsite wedding services, you will have more financial and creative freedom to put your leftover dollars towards add-ons that make your wedding day even more spectacular than you ever could have imagined.

Plan your destination wedding with Adventure Weddings and learn why tropical weddings are the fastest growing trend in the industry. We look forward to guiding you towards the best day of your life.

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