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Benefits of Hiring a Local Wedding Planner

You have made the choice to host a destination wedding in Mexico, and now it’s time to learn all about the benefits of hiring a local wedding planner. We want to share this information with you because we know the significant difference hiring locals can make when planning for your special day.

You have chosen your tropical wedding venue for the unique amenities and atmosphere it can offer. The best way to tap into all the hidden treasures of your destination wedding is to work with someone who knows your venue inside out. When you work with our local wedding planners who make up our fun, vibrant Adventure Weddings team, you will quickly come to realize why we believe in the power of hiring local and collaborating with specific destination wedding experts.

1. We are already settled in, so no worries about getting us here

Destination wedding planner with wedding party

Do you really want your wedding planner to be yet another “guest” you need to worry about flying to your destination wedding and providing accommodations for once you’re there? With a local wedding planner, we are already conveniently located close to your venue so there’s no fuss when it comes to being available leading up to and on your big day.

2. We know the venue, so logistics are as breezy as the beach

Destination wedding planner working on decorations

Our knowledge of the special places where you can host your ceremony, take the perfect photos and how you can incorporate special nuances into your event will empower you to plan the perfect event. We will partner with you before and during your wedding celebration to give you the insider knowledge you need to make the most out of every beautiful destination detail.

A great example of the benefits of planning with our Adventure Weddings team is transportation. Las Caletas and Majahuitas can only be reached by sea, but fear not, we have the fleet to transport the bride, groom and their guests from port to the venue.

3. Rain or shine, we know how to make the most of the weather

We assume one of the reasons you are choosing to host your wedding at a destination resort is because you love the sea, sand and sunshine. While the weather is almost always in our favor in Mexico, by working with our local wedding planning team, we can help you navigate any surprise changes in the forecast. We are also well-equipped to make the right recommendations surrounding fashion choices and decorations that will look their best regardless of what the sky has to offer.

4. It’s your special day, so all eyes – and focus – should be on you

Destination wedding planner with groom

Being busy can sometimes be a good thing, but not when it comes to spreading yourself too thin while supporting couples to curate the ideal wedding. When you plan a destination wedding, there are so many moving parts. You will greatly benefit from dedicated wedding planners whose sole purpose is to serve your best interests. Rather than relying on other venues to provide for all your needs, while also catering to their countless guests, you can trust that we will focus on one wedding at a time to provide personalized attention and a bespoke service.

5. Lights, camera, comprehensive wedding planning services

From photography and videography through to entertainment and culinary excellence, we offer a wraparound approach to wedding planning. Our entire team is made up of people who have the in-demand talents to deliver on all the most important aspects of a wedding. This way, you don’t have to worry about searching for third-party providers or managing the complexity of working with several different businesses to achieve your end goal.

6. Make your wedding bloom with the best in the business

Destination wedding planner with father of the bride

We love the natural beauty of our region. We are very familiar with the flora and fauna available in the region, which enables us to guide the bride and groom in their selection of flowers. By choosing the best in-season florals for your festivities, we help ensure your wedding day is beautified by spectacular, long-lasting decorations.

7. When it comes to a destination wedding, very rarely is all the fun relegated to one day

Our Adventure Weddings team partners closely with our Vallarta Adventures. This means, we have the availability and resources to offer activities to entertain your guests on the days they will be in Puerto Vallarta. From private yachts to unforgettable cultural excursions, we will extend the enjoyment of your wedding day and create a fulsome trip experience your guests will always treasure.

Plan your wedding with local experts and plan for the romantic celebration of a lifetime

We are thrilled you’ve decided to host your destination wedding upon the gorgeous shores of Mexico. Now that you’ve made this fabulous choice, we look forward to connecting with you to demonstrate how our local expertise and connections can elevate your wedding to a celebration beyond your wildest dreams. Reach out to our Adventure Weddings team today and let us show you how a true fiesta comes together with sophistication, creative flare and local inspiration.

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