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Destination Wedding Packing List: What to Bring With You

There are a lot of details to worry about when planning a wedding, especially when travel is involved. The last thing you need to stress over is whether you remembered to pack everything you need. Thankfully, with Adventure Weddings, most of what you will use for the ceremony itself will already be there waiting for you. For everything else, follow our wedding packing list suggestions to make sure you’re fully prepared for your destination wedding.

Destination Wedding Packing List
Use this destination wedding packing list to make sure you have all the essentials, whether you’re the bride, groom, a member of the bridal party, or an honored guest. Make adjustments to the list as needed to include items unique to your situation or remove items that don’t apply to you or your specific wedding location.

Carry-On Bag
carry on bag opened showing what is packed
Start by putting together a carry-on bag with everything you’ll need quick access to while traveling, along with something to entertain yourself during the flight.

ID & Documents – Keep your ID, passport, plane ticket, hotel information, and any other necessary documents in an easy to reach pocket.
Phone & Charger – Be prepared in case of a layover and a low battery, especially if you plan to use your phone as a camera or your main source of entertainment on the plane.
Cash & Credit Cards – Carry a little cash for snacks and emergencies.
Camera – If you don’t plan to use your phone, make sure to carefully pack your camera in your carry-on bag.
Notebook & Pen – Keep a notebook handy so you can write down anything you think of at the last minute and don’t want to forget when you get settled. You can also use it to keep a journal of memorable moments along the way or put the final touches on your wedding vows.
Entertainment – Pack a tablet with a movie or book on it, or listen to your favorite music. Don’t forget earbuds or headphones. You can also pack a physical book or magazine rather than the electronic version if you prefer.

One change of clothes – How many times have we heard stories about delayed luggage? Although is improbable that your suitcase gets lost, it may take a few hours or a day to arrive, so you will always gain some peace of mind if you carry some essentials with you.
Destination Wedding Packing List for Everyone
A few members of the bridal party, like the bride and groom, will have specific needs that will be addressed in more detail further down, but everyone in attendance should put the following items on their wedding packing list.

Hat – Most of the beach weddings are celebrated outdoors, which sometimes means staying an hour under the sun, so it might be a good idea to look for a hat that goes well with the ceremony etiquette and the color of your dress.
Shoes – Dress shoes for the wedding day, flat sandals for the beach, and comfortable walking shoes for sight-seeing. If you plan to wear sandals to the ceremony, make sure they are dressy and not a casual style. If you do opt for flip flops look for ones that are on the nicer side, and of course, pay attention to what footwear the bridal party deems appropriate.

Jacket – Although it doesn’t usually get very chilly on the beach, even when the sun goes down, it can still be a good idea to pack a light jacket, sweater, or wrap to cover up with—just in case.
Sunscreen – Pack reef-safe sunscreen and wear it everywhere, not just at the beach. Remember you may be sitting in direct sunlight during the ceremony, which could result in a serious sunburn. If possible, find out in advance if there are restrictions on the type of sunscreen they allow at your location. Many popular tropical destinations have instigated a chemical-free, eco-friendly standard for sunscreen worn in or near the ocean.
Toiletries – Hair tools and products, makeup, deodorant, toothbrush, and toothpaste, etc.
Glasses/Contacts – Don’t forget a case and contact solution. It’s also a good idea to bring an extra pair of contacts in case something happens to the pair you are wearing.
Prescription Medicines – It also doesn’t hurt to bring ibuprofen, acetaminophen or dramamine, just in case.

Bridesmaids/Groomsmen Wedding Day Packing List
In addition to the items above, make sure you have all your assigned wedding day clothing, shoes, and accessories. If the bridal party has been assigned a specific dress code, make sure you have the necessary items to coordinate appropriately. Accessories for groomsmen may include items like a tie, cufflinks, vest, or cumberbund. Don’t leave any piece of your suit behind, including matching socks.

You should also bring a copy of your speech if you have been asked to give one at the rehearsal dinner or reception.

Emergency Kit for Wedding Day
First Aid Kit
Bridesmaids, especially the maid of honor, may want to pack a few emergency supplies in case the bride runs into a problem.

Nail kit
Sewing kit
Lint roller
Bobby pins
Safety pins
Makeup remover
Breath mints
Wedding Packing List for the Bride
wedding make up kit
It’s a good idea to pack the most important items for your wedding in a carry-on bag and keep them with you. This way you can be sure nothing happens to them before the big day. Carefully put your wedding dress and veil in a protective garment bag and add the rest of these items from your wedding day packing list to your carry-on bag.

Wedding day shoes
Wedding day jewelry
Tiara or hair accessories
Travel-size perfume
Lip balm
Something old, new, borrowed, and blue
Bridesmaid’s gifts, groom’s gift
Thank you cards
The rings
Important documents (wedding license, birth certificates, vendor contracts, travel info, receipts for down payments, copies of prescription info, phone number for your embassy)
You’ll also want to make sure to pack anything you will need for your honeymoon if you are leaving right away. Your checked luggage is fine for items like lingerie and extra clothing and shoes, but you may want to put travel documents in your carry-on with your other important papers.

Wedding Packing List for the Groom
carry on packed for groom
Follow the destination wedding packing list above, and make sure you have everything you are going to need or wear on the wedding day. This includes matching socks, suit pants and jacket, tie, and any other accessories. You’ll also want to pack personal grooming supplies and toiletries such as shaving cream and razors, hair gel, and your toothbrush.

Ask the bride if there is anything she needs you to bring for her. Coordinate with her to make sure that one of you has all the important paperwork and the rings. Add clothing and other Honeymoon necessities if you will be leaving directly from the wedding location.

As an extra tip, your soon-to-be-wife will feel extra special if you bring some small meaningful detail or simply a hand-written note that might be delivered by one of your groomsmen.

Other Tips for Wedding Travel
With all the wedding stress, you don’t want any unexpected problems during travel or after you arrive. Check out the tips below to help you enjoy a relaxing destination wedding trip.

Check with your cell phone provider before you leave to make sure you will still be able to use your phone in another country without any surprise charges. If you are unable to negotiate affordable data during travel, turn off your data plan until you get home.
Leave copies of all your important documents at home with someone who is not traveling with you or just take photos of them and upload them to the cloud (Google Drive or iCloud, for example).
Do the same with credit cards or traveler’s checks; you will need its information to block them in case of loss.
Plan your destination wedding with a local wedding planner who is familiar with the area and its available vendors, like Adventure Weddings. Attempting to plan everything on your own from another country could be a nightmare, not to mention the extra items you would end up bringing with you.
Ask for help before you start to feel overwhelmed. Remember, your friends and family are there to support you.
Adventure Weddings
Contact Adventure Weddings for more information about having your destination wedding in Puerto Vallarta or Cancun. Let us help you create the wedding of your dreams.

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