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Choosing a Destination Wedding Dress

Choosing a Destination Wedding Dress

You’ve decided on a destination wedding, and now it’s time to choose the beach wedding dress that best suits your vision and your venue. At Adventure Weddings, our top priority is to ensure your day is everything you want it to be. Customization and client care are our focus, and we extend those considerations throughout every aspect of your wedding planning journey.

We want you to choose the wedding dress that makes you feel most beautiful and comfortable. We have learned from many of our gorgeous brides, over the years, what works best on our beaches, in terms of how to dress and prepare your gown for the big day. Our wedding planning team have compiled all their expertise into this blog, and we hope it helps you say yes to the perfect dress.

Start with the boring stuff (that is actually really important)

Regardless of where you are having your wedding, it’s important to ensure your fashion aligns with your timeline and budget. Ensure the dress you choose can be made ready – fittings and all – well in advance of your travel date because, one you’re on that plane, you will be wearing whatever happens to have made it into your suitcase.

Whether you are visiting a brick and mortar bridal store or buying online, you need to build in some timing cushion and triple check your extra (and highly precious) luggage will be accommodated for on your plane ride. Also, and always essential, keep your budget in mind and make sure you factor in your fittings, shoes, a veil (if you want one) and anything else that you may want to purchase to complete your wedding vision.

Next, it’s time to consider which cut and fabric will be best-suited to your big day

We are so proud of the stunning beaches and unbeatable weather we can offer the brides and grooms who plan their weddings in Mexico. The long, sunny days and warm sultry nights are a huge contributing factor for why couples plan to celebrate at our favourite resorts. However, when it comes to picking your dress for your ceremony and reception, you may want to seriously consider how the heat may affect your dress.

Chiffon, charmeuse, organza and georgette are lighter fabrics that may help keep you more comfortable – especially if your ceremony is taking place during the day. While silk is becoming growingly popular, it’s good to keep in mind that it wrinkles, so ensure your hotel has a steamer on hand.

Tip: don’t forget, silk definitely has a habit of showcasing sweat, so think about how your cut lies and if that will be the best choice.

Fabrics, like satin, are beautiful, but may not be your best friends for a beach wedding. The same goes with a dress that has several layers of lace and beading. Luckily though, there is so much variety nowadays, you will have no trouble finding a fabric that is as stunning as it is breathable.

A cut above the rest: which shape will be the right choice for your beach wedding dress?

Bride Getting Ready

The short and long of it is that your dress can be whichever length you want. You do not have to choose a short dress just because you are getting married on the beach, there are many long dresses that hold up beautifully in the heat and sand.

Tip: If you want a long dress, but are worried about creating a breeze, we love a high slit – fabulous for photos and fun!

A-line, sleeveless, princess – the list of wedding dress designs goes on and on. Really, the fashion world is your oyster and, with the right designer, you will have endless options to choose from. When you are deciding though, do keep in mind that long trains will drag in the sand, so if you are concerned about how that may affect your gown, definitely get a bustle.

Additionally, if you are wanting to go sleeveless, like many beach brides do, keep your SPF on hand, otherwise you may have to deal with some unseemly tan-lines in your wedding photos. If you opt for long sleeves, just be sure they are not one of the heavier fabric varieties or you may find yourself sweating – rather than celebrating – the night away.

Is choosing two dresses easier or harder than one? We don’t know, but it’s something to consider.

The trashing of the dress is very quickly growing in popularity, and with this funky photo trend comes the need for multiple dresses. But, even if you don’t want to dunk yourself and your gown in the ocean, a beach wedding opens up many possibilities to showcase more than one phenomenal outfit.

Whether you want a more formal gown for the ceremony only to slip into something sexier for the reception, two dresses give you ample options to explore your taste and worry less about whether it’s a heat conductor or not.

From saying, “yes” to your fiancé through to “I do” to the dress – and everything that comes before and after – Adventure Weddings is here for you.

We will leave the dress shopping up to you, but everything else our wedding planning experts will be happy to support you with. With thousands of hours and hundreds of happy brides within our portfolio, we will ensure your Mexican wedding is as unforgettable as your dress is.

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