Choose your Wedding Colors

Color choices are important to make right away so that you can plan everything else around them. Invitations, bridesmaid dresses, bouquets, floral arrangements, cake ribbon, and much more. After you have the colors, all of the other stylistic details will fall into place.

Take into consideration:

  1. Where is your venue? A tropical beach wedding? A quaint Garden? A large, indoor wedding venue?
  2. What season? Spring trends are great for light, breezy colors whereas the winter lends to bold, deep color statements.
  3. Stand out!!! Break the mold and do something with your wedding that stands out! Don’t be afraid to mix colors and project your originality and personality.

Get really creative with color; the neutral backdrop provided by a beach wedding venue such as Las Caletas, in Puerto Vallarta allow you to add decorations and fabrics that pop in whichever color you decide. The options we offer are spectacular.

Take a look at real examples from our Wedding Photos Gallery so you can get a feel for the look of blush pink at Caletas, or a deep, autumn amber, or how about a splashy, bright tangerine orange?! Check out the gallery – we promise: it’s incredible – our brides are unimaginably creative as well as sophisticated!

Good luck with your big choices!

We want to know!

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