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When is the best time for a destination wedding in Mexico?

Couple Kissing on Beach Destination Wedding Venue in Mexico During Wedding Season

One of the greatest advantages of working with a local wedding vendor is that we know all the ins and outs, including when the best time is to host your destination wedding in Mexico. After years of helping to plan incredible destination weddings within Puerto Vallarta and Cancun, we understand our clients want the very best for their ceremony and their guests – in terms of comfort, enjoyment and amenities.

Read on to find out which times of the year you can find the very best combination of all three!

 Which months are ideal for planning your destination wedding?

Beach Wedding Ceremony Set Up During the Ideal Time for a Destination Wedding in Mexico by Adventure Weddings

This question doesn’t really have a hard and fast answer because it depends on whichever factors are most important to you. Technically, January, February and March are our “high season” because they boast what tourists tend to feel is the very best weather. Hot during the day, with average temperatures ranging from 75-80°F during the day and comfortable breezy nights.

The beginning of the year is also the safest bet if you are looking to avoid rain and spend the majority of your days basking under the beautiful Mexican sun. That’s why, you will notice the prices for booking accommodations and flights during the middle of December through to April are the most expensive. These are also the busiest times of the year, so if you want to avoid higher prices and, potentially, more crowded areas, you may want to look at alternative times to book your destination wedding.

What time of day do you want to choose for your wedding ceremony and celebration?

Beach Wedding Ceremony Planned for the Perfect Time of Day During Destination Wedding in Mexico with Adventure Weddings

During what our North American friends consider the winter months, Mexico is experiencing its longest, sunniest days. The sun rises early in the morning and does not tend to set until after 6 p.m. in the evening. Depending on whether you want a beach ceremony filled with sunshine or you’d prefer to host a romantic evening affair, Adventure Weddings can help you choose the perfect hour for your dream occasion.

Just make sure, whichever time you choose, you advise guests on what may be the best attire for them to wear. For example, if you want to host your ceremony at high noon, light shirts and slacks will keep your guests from overheating. Then, later in the day, they can consider adding a sports jacket or longer gown, as the temperatures will be cooler.

As for photos, you’re in for a treat – more daylight means more time to strut your stuff

Bridal Party Getting Ready for Destination Wedding with Adventure Weddings

Working with Adventure Photos, to capture every aspect of your destination wedding. From first thing in the morning when you are getting ready through to your first dance, overlooking the setting sun. Our destination wedding photographers know how to capture the most flattering light and they will take advantage of the captivating setting you’ve chosen for your special day.

Host your wedding day with a local vendor who understands the nuances of planning the ideal destination wedding

Welcome Table at Destination Wedding Hosted by Adventure Weddings During Ideal Wedding Season

Adventure Weddings does a whole lot more than just talking about preparing for an unforgettable celebration. From the moment you begin thinking of hosting your wedding in Mexico, we will support you to choose the perfect date, venue and extras. Contact our team of expert destination wedding planners today and begin to build your dream destination affair with professionals who are passionate about making your vision come true.

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