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Best Beach Wedding Decorations

Planning your dream wedding on a tropical beach may be easier than you think, especially when it comes to destination wedding decorations. You already have a dreamy backdrop better than anything you could create or purchase, which means all you need to do is add a few details for the perfect romantic setting. Use the ideas below for inspiration when choosing your beach wedding decorations.

Choose a Color Scheme

There are several ways you can go when choosing a color scheme for destination wedding decorations. One option is to focus mainly on white and light colors that match the sand and pale blue sky. Everything will tie together in a very elegant way with a relaxing and romantic feeling.

Beach Wedding Decorations

Another popular option is to choose bold and bright colors that complement the tropical trees, flowers, and wildlife. Bright reds, corals, blues, and oranges are great options.

Generally speaking, however, a combination of these two selections provides the most glamour. Use white and sandy brown as a base and throw in pops of tropical colors with flowers, bridesmaid dresses, and centerpieces.

Shells & Starfish

Beach Wedding Ceremony Decor

Use items inspired by your surroundings to bring everything together. You can find ornamental starfish that look stunning hanging from tree branches, archways, or ceilings. Other natural elements like driftwood, seaglass, and seashells can be used as beach wedding decorations in centerpieces, signs, or frames.

Tropical leaves

Mexico Destination Wedding Decor

When you choose a beach destination wedding you know that you will have the most spectacular backdrop of palm trees, ferns and all kinds of lush vegetation; however, you can always incorporate that gorgeous theme also to your reception decor and in every detail of your wedding, to make it indistinctly tropical and unique.


Candelight Destination Wedding Reception Decor

The soft light of the sunrise or sunset at the beach makes a breathtaking backdrop. Enhance the romantic lighting with candles on the tables or hanging lanterns throughout the ceremony and celebration areas. For a little extra tropical flair, try tiki torches instead.

Display Photos

Display Engagement Photos at Wedding

Guests at a wedding often enjoy photos of the engagement, the bride and groom together or the bride in her dress. Arrange a beach-themed photo shoot in advance and display enlarged prints at the reception. The professional team of Adventure Photos knows better than anyone how to capture the breathtaking beauty of these tropical locations.

Include the Cake

Destination Wedding Cake

Your wedding cake can be designed to match your destination wedding decorations if you desire. You can keep it simple and elegant with edible shells, white coral, or sand. You can also opt for a brighter version and add tiny beach chairs, colorful coral, seahorses, or starfish.

Designate a Special Spot for the Ceremony

Beach Wedding Ceremony Decor for Mexico Destination Wedding

Choose where you will be standing when you say your vows and incorporate romantic beach wedding decorations to highlight this important spot. Create an arch from tropical flowers, driftwood, or bamboo.

Isle-Inspired Aisle

Beachside Wedding Ceremony Set Up

Continue your beach theme from the ceremony spot right on down the aisle. Lay out fabric or create a faux boardwalk to designate where the bride will make her way to the front of the seating area. Petates (palm leaf matts) are a great option for the aisle on any beach themed wedding and look amazing when is decorated with petals, flowers, lanterns, or hanging starfish. A palm arch will be the perfect backdrop for the moment you and your couple say “I do!”.

Ring Bearer

Macaw Ring Bearer

Instead of a pillow or box, store and present the rings in a decorative clamshell or other seashell with a hollow space large enough to hold them securely. Another unique idea to add an unforgettable touch to that special moment is to have a ring bearer macaw, something that can be done only in a few places in the world, being Las Caletas, one of them.

Sand Cleanup

Sand Clean Up for Beach Wedding

Consider whether your guests will be attending the ceremony barefoot or in sandals. If you choose to go this casual, provide a station for sand cleanup where they can remove the mess from between their toes before putting their shoes back on or heading to a more formal reception area. Include brushes (paint brushes work great) for removing sand easily and effectively.

Memory Album or Picture Frame

Photo Guest Book for Destination Wedding

At many weddings, guests are asked to sign a guestbook as they enter. Get creative and incorporate their signatures into your beach wedding decorations. Use photos of the bride and groom to create a photo album with extra space on each page for notes and signatures. You can also use a large, framed photo and ask guests to sign the frame or the foam section between the frame and the photo.

Water Station

Water Station for Outdoor Destination Beach Wedding

Keep your guests from overheating and prevent dehydration by providing water bottles. You can include decorative labels if you wish, or present them in a festive bucket, basket, or on a table with beach wedding decorations.

As part of our Sustainability Program, we have reduced 90% of plastic of our entire operation. If you want to join this effort, just let your Wedding Coordinator know so she can replace plastic water bottles for purified water dispensers at your wedding.

Corona Beer Station

Corona Beer Station for Mexico Destination Wedding

What says “Mexico” and “tropical beach” more than a chilled Corona beer? This is a nice detail to add to your wedding and one that will be highly appreciated by your guests. We will prepare a bucket filled with purified ice to keep the beer at its ideal temperature and ready to toast for the loving couple!

Wedding Participants

Destination wedding decorations don’t have to be limited to the tables and reception area. Add some tropical touches to the wedding party as well!


Tropical Boutonniere for Beach Wedding

Many beach weddings include personal touches that are unique and creative, but fit with the theme of the wedding. For example, you could use a starfish or seashell as a boutonniere for the groom and/or groomsmen.


Tropical Wedding Bouquet for Beach Wedding

Start with a base of tropical flowers and insert coral, shells, or other sea-themed items to fill out the bouquet. Or forego the flowers altogether and create a unique bouquet using only beach-inspired decorations. Bridesmaids’ bouquets can also include shells, starfish, and anything else you love that reminds you of the surrounding landscape.


Barefoot Bride for Destination Wedding

The bride can easily add touches of tropical flair with jewelry, hair clips, and footwear. Long, loose, flowing waves are a great beach hairstyle, but to keep the hair out of your face during the ceremony, try securing the front with small clips designed with starfish or pearls. Or opt for an updo and insert pins or clips into the front or sides to incorporate shells or flowers. Another popular option is to go barefoot in the sand or wear dressy sandals. There are also decorations that can be worn on the top of the feet to add glamour while remaining barefoot.

Adventure Weddings

For more ideas, we have created a specific Pinterest board about Beach Themed Weddings. Follow Adventure Weddings on Pinterest for more inspiration.

If you plan to have your wedding in Mexico check out these amazing Mexican wedding ideas you can incorporate into your big day. Contact Adventure Weddings to save the date for your dream destination wedding and to get more ideas and information about how to choose the best beach wedding decorations—at the perfect destination wedding venues in Mexico!

Are you getting married with us? Just request more information from your Wedding Coordinator, who will happily suggest the best décor that best fits your wedding theme. It is a pleasure for us to help you design an unforgettable day for you!

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