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Five Beautiful Beach Wedding Seating Chart Ideas

welcome table at destination beach wedding

At Adventure Weddings, we know that it’s the small, unique details taken together that truly make your special day memorable. A seating chart that’s customized to your theme is just one more way to ensure that your destination beach wedding is everything you dreamed of. Discover some beautiful beach wedding seating chart ideas to transform your seating chart from just an information board to a keepsake (and work of art!) that you can cherish for years to come.

1. Use Your Beach Theme As Inspiration

Destination beach wedding welcome table

Why not bring a little bit of the beach to your seating chart? Use seashells and dried starfish to match your theme; you can even choose the seashells yourself. Try lining the edges of the chart, adorning each table list with its own unique shell, or choose whimsical seashell patterns to be printed onto your seating chart. When you create a beach-themed seating chart, it shows that even the small details are incorporated into your overall theme.

2. Surf’s Up!

Evoke delightful memories of sand and surf by directing your guests to their seats with a repurposed surfboard as your beach wedding seating chart. Bonus: it can find new life as a decorative piece long after your reception has passed.

3. Use the Gems of the Sea

Sea glass can make a stunning surface on which to print your guests’ names and table numbers. Attach pieces to a rustic board if you prefer a traditional-style seating chart, or have the pieces made into escort cards that can be taken by your guests, making for a lovely souvenir of the experience. This beach wedding seating chart idea can be used for different themes such as traditional, boho, or rustic.

4. Get the Party Started

Naming tables after popular beach cocktails—such as piña colada or mojito—is a fun way to let your guests know that they can cut loose and enjoy themselves. If you’re feeling particularly keen, you can even provide escort cards in the form of tequila shots labeled with your guests’ names and seat numbers! These can also serve as thoughtful and practical wedding favors.

5. Set Sail!

Transport your guests to a gorgeous day on the water with a nautical theme for your seating chart. Transform a round mirror into a compass with your guest tables, or try repurposing an old helm by attaching name cards to it. Alternatively, you may wish to have escort cards made into an elegant nautical shape, such as an anchor. Some couples have even reused oars by anchoring them in the sand on the beach and printing their seating charts on them. Get creative!

No Matter Your Vision, We Can Make It Happen!

Envision yourself and your guests enjoying a special moment over cocktails, the gentle ocean waves a constant, exquisite soundtrack to your entire experience. Beach Destination weddings don’t have to be stressful when you have award-winning wedding planners at your side! Our team at Adventure Weddings will work tirelessly with you to ensure that every aspect of your Mexican wedding—including unique details like your seating chart—exceeds your expectations. Discover how we can make your wedding a momentous occasion that you’ll remember fondly as you enter this new chapter.

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