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What to wear to a beach wedding?

In this blog, we are searching through your closet – or favourite store – to find the perfect outfit for an upcoming beach wedding. One of the many benefits of a destination wedding is that it doubles as a dreamy celebration and idyllic vacation. However, that means there are more attire considerations at hand, so it’s time to sort out exactly which style you want to shine in.

Let’s distinguish between surf’s up and proper beach wedding style

We have all been relaxing on the beach and looked over to see a gorgeous bride preparing to walk down towards her ceremony. While she is shimmering in a stunning gown, some of her guests have taken the relaxing vibe of the vacation a little too far – wearing swim shorts, t-shirts and flip flops covered in salt, sea and sand.

Now, we understand a big part of the appeal of a tropical wedding is the time you get to spend sipping cocktails beachside with a great book or thriving volleyball game. We happily invite you to fully indulge in all the most relaxing elements of your time away, but when it comes to wedding time, it’s important to respect – and reflect – the bride and groom’s stylistic wishes.

What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

Put the “dressy” back in the beach’s dressy casual code of fashion

Some beach weddings are extremely casual affairs, but the bride and groom will likely make that clear via the invitations or word of mouth. Otherwise, it is safe to assume, you should follow the basic dress code you would at any other wedding. Except, you never have to worry that you’ll be shivering away in the special outfit you choose. Both men and women may be able to push the boundaries a little further in terms of colour palette and patterns because, that way, you will compliment your breathtaking surroundings.

Groomsmen Attire Destination Wedding

Beach Wedding Attire

Regardless of who is choosing their wedding outfit, when it comes to a tropical destination, we highly suggest breathable fabric that can survive a little sand and sea spray. 

Women’s Beach Wedding Attire

Women may consider more flowy options, a romper or different length dresses to ensure they are comfortable – but please, no bathing suit cover ups. May we also suggest leaving your best little black dress at home? Tropical weddings give you such a great opportunity to play with formal wear and accessories that pop with colour.

Womens Beach Wedding Attire

As for footwear, it is best to avoid any high heels or stilettos as you will most likely be walking through a sandy terrain. Stick to flats, wedges or even gladiator sandals for maximum comfort and style.

Men’s Beach Wedding Attire

Gentlemen can get creative with chinos or slacks and a button down shirt. Emphasis on creative here because there are so many amazing brands that are stretching the limits of normative men’s formalwear to create stunning shirts, bow ties and other accessories that are perfect for a beach wedding. Consider double checking with the bride and groom about how formal the ceremony is, in case you need to bring along a suit jacket or blazer.


Mens Beach Wedding Attire

The rest of your vacation, you can wear whatever makes your time “beachy” keen

We know you’re excited to kick back and relax during your getaway, and beach wedding fashion certainly should not be stressful or limiting. There are endless opportunities to choose the perfect outfit that you will feel good in, while also adhering to the fashion do’s and don’ts that will keep you out of grandma’s bad books.

Leading up to and after the wedding, you can wear whatever makes you the happiest. From a bathing suit 24/7 through to your tilly hat and favorite pair of flip flops, the vacation is your oyster. So, enjoy the chance to put on your beach best and take advantage of the unforgettable photo and video opportunities created by a destination wedding.

What to Wear to a Destination Wedding


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