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10 Reasons to have a Sunset Wedding

Discover 10 reasons to have a sunset wedding, so you can create a truly beautiful, evening celebration during your tropical destination wedding. Sunset weddings contribute to an entirely unique atmosphere for brides and grooms looking to host a comfortable, romantic, and formal reception.

Our wedding planning experts at Adventure Weddings are thrilled you’re thinking of a sunset ceremony and beach reception, and we look forward to creating a day/evening you will always treasure. In the meantime, here are some of the reasons our couples have loved their sunset weddings:

Nature creates the perfect background for your photos

Beach Sunset

During a sunset wedding, there is no glaring light making you squint your eyes or compromising the sublime quality of your photos. Instead, the fading rays of pink, purple and orange light will illuminate your special day in some truly spectacular shades.

What’s more, is you can take photos throughout the day in the sunlight and then complete your photo album with gorgeous photos in the setting sun and under the twinkling of the stars. Just imagine the rays illuminating your veil and dress as you say “I do” to the one you love.

Sleep in, relax & enjoy more of your day

Wedding days can be extremely hectic. This is especially true because a daytime wedding usually means you need to start your day at the crack of dawn. From makeup and hair in the morning through to photography and all the little details in between, by moving your ceremony to later in the day, you’ll have much more time to enjoy all aspects of your celebration.

Lots of flexibility for scheduling fun components for your guests

By opening up the entire day for getting ready, cocktails, a casual meal, and more, you are not only creating more options for fun for your bridal party and groomsmen, but you are also allowing your guests to have more flexibility in their schedules.

They can soak up the sun on the beach, get manicures, unwind and rest up for a full evening of spectacular cocktails, food, dancing, and more.

Don’t sweat the sunshine

Sunset Wedding Bride

We’ve previously written about the best dress options for a tropical wedding, and part of our consideration for that list was the heat. While hosting your celebration in Mexico or the Caribbean makes for a truly breathtaking and unforgettable event, it can also be very warm for the clothing typically associated with a formal affair.

With that in mind, having your ceremony or reception in the evening will allow for you to get the best of both worlds: a great escape to the tropical sunshine where you can spend your days on the beach and the elegance of a sunset affair where you can wear what you want comfortably.

Enjoy a sophisticated and intimate vibe

In keeping with the expanded dress and formal wear options of a sunset wedding, one of the things our Adventure Weddings couples love is that by hosting their ceremony later in the day, they can create a really unique setting and vibe for their wedding. Evening weddings typically boast a most sophisticated flare, and they are certainly romantic in nature.

Put the emphasis on the party

Sunset Wedding Dance

One of the ways a sunset wedding changes the typical structure of the event is that it compresses the highlights of the day into a shorter period of time. Rather than large amounts of downtime during the day, your beach wedding reception will quickly follow your ceremony – and your guests won’t lose their mojo while waiting around.

Keep the guest list kid-free

Another key aspect, for some of our couples, is that an evening wedding usually means parents are less likely to expect to bring their kids to the celebration. Whether your resort offers a nanny or daycare service, or parents opt to leave their children with a grandparent, having a wedding while the sunsets mean having it over bedtime. Naturally, a kid-free affair takes on a whole life of its own, which may be preferable for certain couples.

Candles are synonymous with romance

When you think sunshine, you think happiness, energy, and upbeat vibes – all important parts of a fun destination getaway. But, you and your guests will get plenty of time in the sun during your vacation. If you want to change up the feel for your wedding and put the emphasis on the glow of candlelight, rather than the rays of sunshine, allow your Adventure Weddings team to light up your evening with this romantic aesthetic.

Cocktail reception, sit-down meal, the menu is your oyster

Sunset Wedding Dinner

When you plan an all-day affair, people tend to expect a full meal. However, when you carve out a special space in the evening for your ceremony and reception, you open up a wide range of eating options. Switch out the sit-down meal for a champagne and appetizer hour, followed by delicious midnight snacks and some tequila-soaked toasts. Or, stick with a formal meal and indulge in the starlight – either way, your sunset wedding will be the perfect setting for you to get creative with your culinary options.

The sunset sets your wedding apart

Last but not least, all of the above really help contribute to a wedding that is unique. People will always remember an evening under the stars because it’s not your everyday wedding routine. From sparklers and fireworks to candles and champagne, your sunset wedding will really stand out. Best of all, your partners at Adventure Weddings will be with you every step of the way – including down the aisle – to ensure your wedding comes together as beautifully unique as your love story has.

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